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Rayan Restaurant and Bakery is a casual dining restaurant located in Indianapolis.  Rayan Restaurant presents the authentic cuisine from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula in a trendy modern fashion.


Our menu contains a diverse assortment of popular dishes from Felix Arabia in addition to signature dishes developed by our chefs. The flavors and ingredients stay true to the local identity of the region.

Yemen means Fortunate Arabia or Happy Arabia.

people of Yemen have closer ties with the Arabian and Middle Eastern countries and the Horn of Africa, which they are SomaliaEritreaDjibouti, and Ethiopia. 

Yemeni cuisine is differs from region to region and can be recognized from the widely known Middle Eastern cuisines.

Chicken, goat, and lamb are eaten more often than beef.

the widely eaten dish in northern part of Yemen is Saltah, which considered the national dish of Yemen.

Sana’a is the capital city of Yemen and the largest. It is one of the oldest inhabited cities
in the world.

Yemen’s country includes more than 200 islands.

Yemen was the home of the Sabaeans, which means Host of Heaven and peace.
The country Sheba or Saba, Located in southwest Arabia on the eastern tip of the Red Sea,

The Queen of Sheba has been mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and the Quran. She brings a caravan of valuable gifts to King Solomon. 

Modern historians identify kingdom of Saba in present-day Yemen. 

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