Al-Rayan Signature Entrée

35-Rayan Family Platter  

 مشاوي الريان العائلي

shish kabab, koftah kabab,

chicken koftah, shish tawook,plus lamb chops

shawarma chicken, shawarma lamb, mendi rice,Hummus, Baba Ghanoj,

Arabic Salad, French Fries and tahini sauce, Garlic sauce, Hot sauce.

Serves 8-10 People. Total of 24 $99.99


Serves 5-7 People. Total of 16  $84.99

36-Rayan Family Set  

طبق الريان العائلي 

Variety of the most delicious Mediterranean food, 8-10 people

Mendi lamb,Mendi chicken, Koftah lamb, Koftah Chicken, lamb cubs, Shish tawook, Shawarma lamb,

Shawarma Chicken, Lamb Chops, Chicken Sandwiches, Hummus, Salad, French Frys.


سلته بالفخار

Saltah is considered the lunch national dish of Yemen.

The base is mixture of chilies, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs ground into a salsa. Served Hot (Volcano Style)



فحسه بالفخار

Fahsa is a Yemeni stew. It is made of lamb cutlets with lamb broth.

 Spices and fenugreek seeds are added after cooking. Served Hot (Volcano Style)


39-Haneeth Lamb 

حنيذ خروف

Haneeth is usually made from basmati rice, meat (lamb), and a mixture of spices.

The meat used is usually a young and small-sized lamb to enhance the taste further (similar to Mendi)


40-Alrayan Burmah Lamb

  برمه الريان    


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